What Inspires You?


Inspiration can come in so many wonderful different forms.

In my series of Creative Maker I ask the makers what inspires their creativity, it was interesting to read and sparked this blog post! There are so many different things that can develop into an idea. I love that feeling of having an idea and running away with it, it will be all you can think off and consume you until you begin your project or idea! So much so it can lead to sleepless nights due to all the excitement. I’m sure we’ve all been there – Although it is great to have ideas sleep is important too, so keep a note pad by your bed to jot your thoughts down before you sleep, it will keep the ideas safe and ready for the next day as well as letting you get a good nights sleep!


Sometimes we can be stuck for inspiration when the creativity slows down and the light bulb dims. I am currently feeling that, sometimes I have 101 ideas and have no time to do it, and then there are times when I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin or have no ideas full stop which can be frustrating.

So where have I been finding mine?


To capture a moment to look back on and keep to take away with you and keep you inspired. On a recent trip to Chester Zoo I took my Instax Polaroid camera with me to take pocket-size photos of some of the things that inspired me. One of them was at The Islands, they have these colourful boats appearing washed up on a Bali inspired shore.



If anyone who knows me or follows me over on my Instagram page you will know I am a lover of all kinds of blooms! The colours, shapes and textures are currently what are sparking my creative light bulb. Wildflower is captivating me at the moment, this garden found in Tatton Park Gardens was so wonderfully inspiring!



Get outside whatever the weather! You will be surprised come rain or shine what will spark some light in you. Whether it’s for a photograph, an idea for a painting or pattern or even colour inspiration. Get outside and look past the obvious.


Looking up

That’s right, have you ever looked up and noticed what is not staring you in the face? Whether that be rooftops of buildings, wall art or this amazing umbrella installation that is in Liverpool right now. So much colour to pump you with creativity!


Going out without your phone

So there should be no image with this one as that defeats the object of the statement, so I will go with one I made earlier. Leave your phone at home, go for a walk and see what happens. You may not get any ideas but you are stopping the brain and recharging it for all the good stuff to come.



Blog posts, magazine articles and books are great form of inspiration. There are so many great creatives right now that are offering up great advise that will spark your imagination. Not only will it do that but will keep you motivated and focused on your path!



Where do you get your creative inspiration from?


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