Disconnect To Reconnect

Do you remember not having a phone? Not having apps or feel the need to look at a screen? Not having a feeling in your hands like something is missing. In this day and age we are so absorbed with technology, we can speak to anyone around the world right at the end of our finger tips. Quite literally. It is a fantastic tool to have, to be connected with all your nearest and dearest on Facebook, to create mini worlds on Instagram and get your voice heard on twitter.


For creatives and small businesses these platforms are so important, it means you can post your work, promote yourself and talk with like-minded creatives. I always feel such a strong sense of community in the creative virtual world, everyone seems to be looking out for each other and happy to shout about other creative people, the word competition barely exists.

I was speaking to the lovely Amy Phipps from Women Who Create, Amy champions women in business, empowering them through creativity and connection. She is a force to be reckoned with and a colourful and inspiring soul. Amy also makes the most colorfully gorgeous necklaces over on her Etsy store.


Amy offers an intimate retreat of 12 like-minded creative women to disconnect to reconnect with creativity in your business. She offers a holistic approach to business coaching exploring different ways to nurture yourself as a whole inside and out. The retreat has a mix of self-care, business tools, coaching, plant propagation, hypnotherapy, leadership training and image making, all coming together to empower and look at your business much more differently.

Hearing that Amy was offering this retreat to people was so refreshing to hear, I feel that not many people take part in work shops or retreats like this as much anymore, especially one that encourages you to disconnect with the world and really listen to you and look after yourself – and one that offers to do this by using your creativity! Sometimes we may feel the need to put ourselves last in our busy days but really we are the ones behind the business so we need to be looked after too. So many of us don’t realize how important it is to take time out, to step back, as that is when you can come in to your own and come back feeling refreshed and with new ideas.


I feel that interacting with human beings is becoming less and less, as some people can be reluctant to go to such events as they may feel anxious to meet other people and put themselves out there. It is funny as many years ago, networking was only really achieved in human interaction, if you wanted your work to be seen and heard you needed to always show up and be there. That is why it is so important that events and retreats like this are still available to us, you can go away and come back with lessons you can pass on and friends you will keep for life. Offering up time spent with like-minded people is so wonderful! I always believe that we need to get ourselves away and make time to create, to create in different forms than we are used to and to learn from one another!

If you are looking for a weekend away with a group of like-minded women, then WWC weekend is for you. You can learn more about Amy and book her upcoming retreat here –



All images are taken from Women Who Create Website



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