Weekend in Wales

Last weekend we took ourselves off for a weekend away in Wales to the lovely town of Portmadog. It is so important to take time for a break to relax and re-charge. In this world we live in there seems to be this thing that you are only successful or worthy if you are ‘too busy’ and ‘don’t have time’ and work really long days. Ok, yes it’s good to be busy, but there needs to be a balance as you can run the risk of running out of steam and burning out.


Making sure you are setting time aside to stop, unwind and reflect will help this. Without knowing it, last weekend was just the recipe I needed. I stopped, put down my phone and disconnected. We ate some great good food, spent time with friends and took in some really breath-taking scenery.

Black Rock Sands

Black Rock Sands

We took a trip to Portmeirion on one of our days, a place that I had visited when I was young but didn’t really remember. Portmeirion is a gorgeous beauty spot, tucked away in the village of Gwyneed, North Wales. This idyllic Italian inspired village was designed and built by English Architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.





His romantic picturesque creation has been a source of inspiration for writers. producers, musicians and many more creative minds. Framed colourful corners creating warm Mediterranean feels, pastel painted buildings surrounding such beautifully groomed gardens. You really would find it hard to believe you where in Wales.


Matthew Rainford Photography


After a weekend of stopping and getting away (even if away is 2 hours down the road) I feel refreshed and relaxed and feel inspired. Sketch book has come out and some ideas are flowing. It is important to keep your creativity nurtured, your passions are what makes you, you. So remember to stop, slow down and check in with yourself.

Samantha Jane Online

Photography by M.Rainford Photography


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