Let’s Talk About Success

What does Success mean to you?

I recently bought myself the highly talked about book The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon. I have followed Emma’s work for years, she is so colorfully inspiring and has a voice and approach which makes you want to stand up and listen.

In the book Emma writes about success and its meaning. Reading it through I couldn’t help but find myself nodding along and really relating to everything she was saying. She asks of you to write down your own definition of success, so I decided to talk about this and my version of success in this blog post.

Multi-Hyphen Method Emma Gannon

So what does success mean to us? Money, power, titles or fame? In my years of growing and finding out what I wanted to do I always felt lost, I always felt like I didn’t have all the answers and I would never find my ‘place’ or my ‘path’. I could see all my friends knowing what they wanted to be and working towards it but I always seemed to not be there yet.

The age-old question:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

In school you were always told to make a decision of what you wanted to be when you were older, I mean how much pressure is that when you’re a teenager to make that decision on the spot – pick a subject then pick a university and spend 3 years working at it to then go in to a job and just do that for the rest of your life. That seems crazy, well to someone who didn’t know exactly what they wanted to do it sure did. Being a creative heart, I remember thinking that I wanted to do everything, to be an artist, fashion designer, graphic designer. I was overwhelmed as I wanted to do it all.

I have had many, many jobs over the years, I never went to university and I used to think that it was a bad thing, but looking back I loved it and would never regret it as I met so many different people (some of my best friends are from the different places I have worked) and it added so many different strings to my bow in learning and helped me grow as a person.

Over the years I think I have grown to see that I don’t think I that I am one of those people who just fits into one box, there are so many things I want to do not just one. So why should we be pigeonholed? I guess that is why now I love to encourage people to expand themselves and try new things or do more of what makes you happy.


Image Kikki K


So what defines success for me?

Growing up I always felt that I needed a title, one that would ‘complete me’ and give me a purpose in life. That is what success back then felt to me, it was as though I needed a big job title or a signature on the end of an email to make me feel or look successful, so that when I spoke to people I would have this fancy answer instead of ‘I’m in between jobs’. Of course having a job title is great and can show how much you have worked towards something. Reflecting back now; as I now have one, (Oh, I also don’t have my job title on the end of my email which does make me smile after all this time) I have slowly began to realise that a title is not what success means to me.

Success to me now is being happy and enjoying what you do. To be myself and live without judgement, feeling comfortable with myself and having confidence and courage to pursue the things I love. To have friends and family and a roof over my head, to have good health, a steady income and live with the excitement and dreams of future things to come with my creativity. If I have succeeded to have any of these things then that I feel is my success.

No titles, just this.



Here you can find Emma Gannon’s book The Multi-Hyphen Method .


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