Liverpool Summer Arts Market

Last weekend saw the return of the Liverpool Summer Arts Market hosted by Open Culture at the glorious location of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The market was crammed pack with so many artists and makers, offering a wide variety of handcrafted good such as cards, candles, jewellery, clay work, prints and many, many more!

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Image by M.Rainford Photography

Having taken part in this market in previous years looking in as a customer on the other side of the table was refreshing. You could see all the hard work that had been put in to making these beautifully curated mini shop fronts. It was great to see familiar faces and chatting to new ones.


Above, me admiring the wonderfully fun and colourful work from Wonderland Craft

Not only is it a dream to take part in these types of events, but it is just as lovely to visit too as a customer. Witnessing all these small businesses putting their hard work out there and all stemming from a craft and passion they love and care so much about. Little sales mean as much as the big ones do.


Above image taken from Independent Liverpool

It really takes courage and confidence to put yourself and your work out to the world, in whatever shape or form. I remember my first fair and the weeks and long nights running up to it, cramming last-minute makes in, making sure I had everything, ironing the table-cloth! So much happens behind the scenes of small businesses and that is why it is so important to support their work and all that they do.


Seeing all these talented makers and small businesses is so inspiring. This is another reason why I wanted to create my series Creative Maker, which is coming soon and you can read more about here.





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