Creating a Happy Work Space

Having a place for your creativity is important, whether your space is a chair by the window, your very own studio or a shed in the garden, having a dedicated space where you can get inspired and master your craft will always help your work. Here are some of my top key pieces to have when setting up your creative space along with some images of ideas.

Visual Boards

In my craft room in our old flat, I used a pin board that was positioned above my desk. As time went on I would gather all sorts of inspirational bits and pieces. Quotes, magazine tear outs, messages from friends or makers, and little trinkets. It was sort of happy space to look up at and focus on, it kept me going on the tough days and the ‘creative block’ days. If you don’t have a wall space for this, create a scrap-book – and if you’re more in to tech then create a Pinterest board! Fill it with whatever you like! Creating your own visual board will keep you inspired and motivated.




1. @afabulousfete 2. 3.


You’re never fully dressed without some super cute stationery. Like most, I love it! Having note pads to keep those creative outbursts logged, sketch pads to get your drawings down along with an array of colourful pens and pencils. And as well as looking really pretty it will keep you well organised and in check.

1. 2. The Happiness Planner 3. Kikki-k 4.


Alive or fake having some sort of plant in your space can really bring a sense of calm to it. It can give it life (even if they are fake) and if you feel that you couldn’t possibly manage to keep a plant alive, then opt for a cactus or succulent. They make lovely decorations on shelves or in windows and have pretty much zero maintenance!



work_space 1. Instagram @curatedisplay 2/3. Instagram @afabulousfete


Colour can have a profound effect on our life and our mood. There are so many benefits of colour, without it life would be very dull. I love colour, it makes me feel so happy. We all have a favourite and I am a sucker for anything that is pastel coloured especially if it is lilac – if something comes in lilac you can guarantee I’ll get it. Whether your colour is black, yellow, cerise, neon orange or even white – injecting that into your space will have a positive effect on you and will make you feel good.


Instagram @ipdipdesign 


Having your books displayed is a great idea for both looking good and for an easy reach source when you’re in your creative bubble. If you don’t have the room for a book shelf, then a pile stacked with your key reads is just as good.


IMG_3321 2.


Decorating your walls with prints, quotes or even photographs will bring a personal touch to your creative space. I sort of see it as almost like having a mini audience to keep you going!

Images: 1. Urban Outfitters 2. I want you to know blog 3. Kate La Vie bog. 4.


So where ever you have your space or nook for your creativity, be sure to add some of your own personal touch to it. Keeping you focused, motivated and more importantly happy.






All other images on this blog post are taken from Pinterest*

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