5 Podcasts for Creatives

5 Podcasts for Creatives

Hello all, hope your weekend has been lovely so far! Today’s topic is all about Podcasts. Now, podcasts have been around for a few years now, but recently I feel that they are around more than ever. With my full-time work I have an hour commute to work, so pretty much everyday I have to endure the joys of rush hour traffic – fun. But finding the magical world of podcasts I feel it now makes it a little bit easier. Plus I manage to squeeze in a good full episode to and from work.

There are so many out there to feast your ears on to! (See what I did there, so cheesy) Whether you’re in to music, fashion, art or sport there is something on there for everyone. For creatives I have found some brilliant podcasts with some talented women leading them, I have whittled down my top 5 to get you inspired, motivated and gain a lot of valuable information and advice!


The Blogtacular Podcast 

Hosted by the fantastically colourful Kat Molesworth with an immense amount of knowledge, Kat introduces us to a wide variety of different creators. As well as this, she provides us all with her very own top tips and advise on how to make the most from your blog, business and creative life.

My recommended listen: Standing out when you are starting out.


 Hashtag Authentic 

Sara Tasker is an Instagram expert, writer and creative coach. Sara offers up a weekly podcast sharing creative advise, tips and experience on how to live out your creativity. In this day and age where Instagram is the platform to be seen on, especially for budding creatives, Sara has some key advise on how to make the most of your instagram and stand out in the crowd but still be true to who you are.

My recommended listen: Going ‘Online Only’ & Being Raw On IG Stories. With Charlotte Jacklin from Betty Magazine.


 In Good Company

Otegha Uwagba, writer of the best-selling book The Little Black Book. founder of Women Who and all round female inspiration for today’s working women. Otegha’s podcast has a whole host of interviews with smart, successful women sharing practical advise and all the tools you need to make it.

My recommended listen: Emma Gannon. Side Hustles. Confidence.


 The Creative Leap 

Cat is a creative designer whose work I just absolutely love! Her colours and eye for design are just simply gorgeous. Her podcast is dedicated to creatives who have decided to take the leap in creating a career from hobbies they love. Covering all topics and delving in more on the questions that most creatives struggle with answers to such as money, pricing and what it means to be successful.

My recommended listen: Lola Hoad – Coach/Podcaster/Founder One Girl Band


One Girl Band

Hosted by the lovely Lola Hoad, whose work I have followed for many years, back when she had LH Designs – I still carry around with me her tote bag she designed with the statement slogan – Shop Independent. Her passion and vision is inspiring, in her podcast she offers up interviews with female entrepreneurs as well as sharing some advise and more so motivation on how to keep your business going and keep your dream alive.

My recommended listen: Lucy Sheridan – Overcoming Comparison.




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