“Surround Yourself with People Who Get It.”

This week the fabulous and inspiring Allison Sadler brought back her super dooper insta challenge – #freeupmyinsta. All about bringing back the freedom and fun of posting on Instagram. No matter who you are or what you do, for some reason that freedom has been lost. As I know coming from a small business, I had always found it hard to know what to post, how it looked and how many likes and comments it got and how many more followers I would gain. When really, we all need to not get so caught up in this and go back to basics of posting whatever we like! I am creative and enjoy posting pretty things – I love it and really do enjoy it, but the pressure that has somehow developed alongside this needs to be let go of. We need to have more fun and worry less!


Day 2 of the #freeupmyinsta was all about community, diversity and insta fam. At first I wasn’t too sure how to post this one, there was too much I wanted to write about on this. I decided to post an image of bunting, symbolizing the colourful flags binded together holding each other up as one. Just like the creative community that is out there and that I am proud to be part of.

When I was looking at this challenge for this day, it got me thinking and looking back. I remember when I first started out crafting I was so nervous and doubted myself and my abilities. I had friends and family around me gearing me on to put myself out there and for them I am thankful. It’s the people who ‘get it’ who ‘get you’ that I value so much.

surround yourself with people who get it

I also never knew there could be such an amazing community in the creative world, who all support one another. I remember my first day I opened my Etsy store, just before I was going to click ‘open’ I received so many lovely, warm messages from this ‘insta fam’ I had created. These people who have never met me before were going out of their way to send me a message of luck and their own pearls of wisdom! How great is that?! Most people you would think would just take care of themselves and not want to support other small businesses nor the ones that could be competitors. And even in the days of follow Friday! You had creatives posting on their own business platform posting about other fellow creatives – everyone connecting with each other to support one another! More of that please!

I still make sure to keep connected and support my ‘insta fam’ as I will always be thankful for their support and encouragement they gave me. This is another reason why I went on to create my website, to keep that encouragement up and be a part in this wonderful community! I have posted below some of the amazing people I have met over the years. Go check them out –

The Paper Party Company 

The lovely Lisa creates the most gorgeous party goodies. An inspiring girlboss mum too!


Ip Dip Design

Click on Laura’s feed and I will guarantee you will smile and sunshine will literally jump out at you with her colourful creations!


MollycatCraft Co.

For the cutest crochet hearts and pom pom goodness! And of course the lovely talented maker Jules whose passion I always admire.


Ruby Tynan

The most gorgeous delicate handcrafted pieces of jewellery. With a super talented and lovely maker behind it all!



Now this maker will bring a smile to your face, I know she did the day I met her. Such a talented lady with her wonderful, wild and cute creations!


Kariki Studio

My second ever craft fair and I was so lucky to sit next to this inspiring woman. Her designs are amazing with wonderful stories behind them.


The Bear & The Bird

Melanie and Lisa have done an amazing job and I have loved watching them grow. Their hardwork and dedication is forever inspiring. And they make super cute decorations too!



All images are taken from the makers Instagram page.




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