5 Ways To Get Back To Happy & Calm


Sorry for my radio silence over here the past week, I have just returned home from a work trip where I travelled to China for 3 days. I know, pretty far to go in such a small space of time! As exciting as it may sound it can be hard sometimes and the journey can really take it out of you. Not knowing what time zone you’re in and getting adjusted to new surroundings, so returning home it was nice to get back to some home comforts and start to get back in to a routine again. I am all for having balance in my life and think it is important to always make some time to check in for some ‘me time.’ After reading Fearne Cotton’s books Happy and Calm I definitely have changed my outlook on some things in my life and adjusted my routines to make sure I don’t swallow myself up too much in various things. For me, it’s having those things that bring me back to a calm and happy place after the hustle and bustle of work life. So I thought I’d share with you 5 things that do this…

Flowers: Blossom.

Flowers always make me happy and Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, seeing new buds on the trees and the different colours of blossom. I’m a sucker for pastel colours so of course I love the soft colours that bloom.


Read: In The Moment magazine.

Reading is the perfect way to switch off and escape. I have only recently discovered this magazine, it is beautifully put together with some really lovely articles. Designed especially to offer mindful ways to live your life well, this is the perfect read for you to take some time out and have some ‘me time.’

In The Moment Magazine

Tea: Strawberry & Vanilla Taylors Tea.

Tea always make me happy and I love the ritual there is that comes with making a cup of tea. I’m a Yorkshire tea kind of girl but love all sorts of flavoured tea, this is one of my favourites for summer days. It almost has a Wimbledon strawberries and cream sort of feel to it.

Taylors Tea

Walks: West Kirby beach.

Fresh air and getting active even if it’s just to go for a walk is a great way to bring back calm. I am so lucky to have this place on my doorstep. I cannot tell you how many times we have walked around here, but getting out in to fresh air and taking in the views really makes me feel grateful to live here.

West Kirby Marine Lake

Music: First Aid Kit.

Music has always been such a big part of my life and love nothing more than listening to some of my favourite artists and discovering new ones. Although these girls have been around for a while I have only just found them myself. I can’t stop listening to their music at the moment, it was the perfect playlist to have on the plane coming in to land back home. Silver Linings is my recomendation; ‘Gotta keep on keeping on’ … perfect motivational lyric!

First Aid Kit


What could be your 5 things?


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