Stuck In A Creative Funk? How To Get Inspired Again

I have decided to write this particular blog post on about ‘How to get inspired again’. We’ve all been there, got ourselves in a funk that we can’t get out of, and I think anyone who is creative in any field has gone through this at some stage. ‘The writers block or hitting the wall’. Sometimes when the creative juices stop flowing it can be hard and frustrating to get that switch turned back on again. So I thought I’d share with you some of my ‘go to’s’ for getting my creative head back on.


Pinterest is literally my favourite place to go to get inspired. It always gets me thinking outside of the box and look at ideas a little differently. Whether that be for colour, textures or new concepts, Pinterest is endless with opportunities to get inspired and lost with.


Love it or hate it, I guess that depends how you look at it and how you wish to use it. But I think it’s a great place to get inspired, to see what others are doing, following their journeys which can motivate and inspire you to keep on doing more of what makes you happy. To name just a few here are some talented folk on there you should go check out:

Emily Coxhead          The Happy Newspaper      Wander For A While 


One of the reasons I decided to create this blog was because I was so inspired by many other talented bloggers. I wanted to do what they do – but in my own way and hopefully inspire and encourage like they have done so to me. Here are just a few I recommend for you to indulge over with a brew..

What Olivia Did      The Frugality      I Want You To Know


This is something that I have only recently come across (I know I may be late to the party) I saw it first as a good way to make my long commute to and from work more fun and interesting, I found a lot of great creative people on there who are offering up some brilliant advice and perspective on things and can give some positive motivation. Here are some I have recently found, let me know if you have any I should give a listen to.

The One Girl Band                   The Fringe of It                  Get It On – Dawn O’porter

Capture (2)


I have never been a big reader but recently I haven’t been able to put a book down (currently in the middle of two). My amazon wish list is endless and although most may look like self-help books and you may be thinking why do I need to read that? Well, there is a lot to be said for these books. Each can serve your creativity in many ways, from how to get creative, building your confidence, letting go of fear and more importantly learning to take a break and focus on you.



Creative friends

I’m very fortunate to have so many creative friends. I love nothing more than getting together and bouncing ideas off each-other. Encouragement within friends is a good source to keep each other motivated, to get inspired and to keep going.

Sketch Book

Arh, the old forgotten method that doesn’t have you staring at a screen. The other day I decided to get some pens out and start sketching, something I have not done in forever! I sat and drew dozens of doodles from spacemen, flowers, hot air balloons and paper aeroplanes!? Not only can you feel inspired by doing this, but it can also calm your busy bustling mind. I most definitely recommend this – ideally curled up with a brew and blanket.

I would love to hear where you go to, to get inspired.


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